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PSI meet local Eye Expert

Recently PSI met with an eye surgeon in one of Belfast's main hospitals. The purpose of the visit was to understand more about human vision and its effects on our perception of the world around us. This also ties in with some of the experiments and research we have recently been looking at in the area of light spectrums and also how various visual defects and diseases can make some individuals feels that they are having visions etc.

Latest PSI Experiments

Over the past number of years, PSI have been developing several audio & visual experiments in order to better understand phenomena captured and also to rule out the possibility of outside influence/contamination.

Viewers will get the chance to see the success in the groundbreaking results achieved, which have never before been seen on television or to our knowledge been attempted by any other research group.  We are limited to the amount of information we can currently disclose due to media embargos.  We will be working to refine these ideas and expand the use of these across the wider spectrum of paranormal research.


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