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PSI are always looking for both new & modern methods of research and below are just some of the techniques that we at PSI are using and the phenomenon currently under investigation. Some of the research we are paying particular attention to will be Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), Infrasound and it effects, Mediumship, EVP, Light Anomalies (Orbs), Spirit communication and also the part our own subconscious mind can play in fooling us. We would like to stress that we are not here to debunk all cases of the paranormal but to bring credibility to our research thus being certain before we make claims of the explanation being a paranormal one. Many of the team believe that we continue on in life after the physical death as some have had unexplained experiences over the years. However, we are also of the belief that many natural occurrences can often explain claims of seemingly paranormal activity. PSI have a firm belief that some of the best paranormal evidence that can be caught is that of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). We use the most up to date system on the market today to capture EVP. Once captured, audio is transferred to the laptop where Adobe Audition is used for noise and hiss reduction to cut out all distortion, meaning we can listen back to EVP within minutes of capture & whilst still on investigation.

The team are currently investigating the possibility that EVPs are being found consistently within a particular frequency range. We will be probing this further and will release further info on this Hzrange until more evidence is readily available.

We are also presently experimenting with different types of Lens, light sources and filters for both Digital photography & motion picture.
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