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Dobbin’s Inn

Prior to filming of the upcoming 2nd series of Northern Ireland's Greatest Haunts, PSI have been looking at various areas of new research.  Seemingly having had a degree of success with previous experimentation into Audio/Visual phenomena, we decided to advance to the next stage in EVP research.  Moving away from conventional EVP capture methods, the team worked together on refining an idea originally conceived and developed by Tony Armstrong.  This new technique blends spiritualism and technology in order to see if this would yield any new quantifiable data which may support the theory of a form of disincarnate intelligence.

Known within the team as the PSI Transcommunication experiment, and although in the early stages of development, this research has already yielded some fascinating results, some of which may be included in an episode of the 2nd TV series airing in November.  Working with Mark Cowden, the aim is to refine the experiment further, adding controls where necessary to see if the results can be replicated.

In addition, Darren has also been working on some ideas on visual experimentation, which can also be seen during the series.  The team is currently awaiting the delivery of a new piece of equipment which will enable us to pursue our research in this area.  More detail on all of the above to be announced following the broadcast of the series and as the results are open to interpretation, we look forward to feedback from the paranormal community.

Direct Wine Shipments

Bellaghy Bawn

Limavady Workhouse - Limavady, Co. Londonderry

Opened in 1842, closing in 1932 this building became the last resort for paupers in the area, where they would live on a very basic diet, and often experience brutal treatment at the hands of the workhouse masters. Having been used as a location during the TV series, we will be returning here in the near future.

Galgorm Castle - Galgorm, Co. Antrim

Located in Galgorm just outside Ballymena, this building is steeped in history. Again, having been used as a location during the TV series. We paid a recent visit to Galgorm in May 2009. Without the pressure of filming for the TV series, it gave us an opportunity to focus on EVP work. Having set up microphones in the middle stairway and attic, we captured what seem to be a number of disembodied voices.

The glass divination experiment was edited, and our experiment showing that this type of alleged communication may be subconscious muscular movement was not added to the final edit!

Woburn House - Millisle, Co. Down

Built in 1863, Woburn House has had varied uses. Once the home of the Dunbar family, it has since been a borstal and is now used as a training college for the Prison Service of Northern Ireland. PSI spent time here during the filming of Greatest Haunts, and have been asked to return here to carry out further investigations.

Armagh Gaol - Armagh City, Co. Armagh

Constructed in the 18th century, the gaol was originally three prisons – one for women, one for debtors and one for felons. Executions were common at the gaol. The last man to be executed at Armagh gaol was Joseph Fee in 1904, and it was finally closed in 1986. Used during the Northern Ireland's Greatest Haunts series, PSI have made one of was hoped to be many return investigations. However, unfortunately due to the ongoing construction work, it is unlikely we will be able to return to this location.


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