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Darren Ansell

Research/Investigation | Client & Media Contact

For most of my teenage life I grew up with many paranormal experiences, and to understand this phenomena I joined a paranormal group before founding PSI in 2005. I have a desire to understand this type of activity taking a purely scientific and balanced approach. As Head Investigator my role is to oversee the investigation from beginning to end, making sure that all the team are carrying out the investigation according to PSI procedures and guidelines.

I am involved with new investigation methods and developing experiments such as audio/visual. During this time I have also set up our second team in the South of Ireland. I am a Business Development Manager by day, so I use these interpersonal skills within the team to deal with clients, the general public and media. I am also involved in recruiting for new members with required skills, as well as the general running of the team.

Tony Armstrong

Research/Investigation | Technology | Webmaster

My naturally inquisitive, but sceptical mind coupled with a fascination of the paranormal originally led me to join PSI.

This was both to further my own knowledge and working closely with other members of the team my aim is to help the group develop its research into various phenomena through the informed and effective use of the most up to date equipment available.

Whilst on investigation, my role is to help plan the investigation, ensure that procedures are followed, results are documented and every possible angle is covered in searching for the root cause of reported anomalies, while being mindful of the interests and safety of the client.

Off location I keep the website updated with new research/articles, build contacts, road test new equipment, develop new experiments and spend time researching various phenomena. Through this research, the end goal for the group is to assist members of the public in understanding any previously unexplained experiences, and to provide further help, if necessary

Cormac Donnelly

Research/Investigation | Psychology

I have always had an interest in paranormal and unusual phenomena since childhood. This continued through my university career where I studied psychology and criminology. These studies further fuelled my interest in the role the mind plays in the paranormal. I enjoy researching areas that have scientific grounding to see how that can be adapted to explain paranormal phenomena. These topics include, but are not limited to perception, hallucinations, hypnosis and the effect of the subconscious on behaviour. I approach investigations with a degree of scepticism, and prefer to analyse all possible angles before reaching any conclusions.

I assist with the investigations on location and can offer alternative explanations to percieved phenomena. However, I am ready to admit that there are some situations where I cannot find any logical explanation.

Remembering Julia

It was with great sadness that we learned of our beloved friend Julia's passing after having battled with her illness for some time.

Julia, an animal lover and dedicated veterinary nurse for many years, also had a great passion for the work that we do, and was a valued member of the PSI team and a very dear friend. Always a smile and a joke for everyone, she was known for her sharp sense of humour and for keeping the boys in check if we ever stepped out of line!

She was greatly missed during her recent absence from the team and during filming of the 2nd GH series. A beautiful and unique individual, she has left a space in all of our hearts and will be remembered forever as a free spirit who liked to enjoy life and the company of all those she loved.

We would like to convey our deepest sympathies to family and friends at this difficult time.

We love and miss you Julia. Rest in Peace. xx

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