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PSI, The investigation team of both BBC1’s Northern Irelands Greatest Haunts, and RTE’s Spooked TV shows

Paranormal Study and Investigation (PSI) was established in 2005 to investigate and research paranormal phenomena. As a research team we take a completely balanced, unbiased and scientific view-point to this controversial field. Research areas we have focused on include; the alleged existence of spirits, the afterlife, mediumship, ESP (Extra sensory perception), PK (Psycho kinesis), EVP (Electric voice phenomena), possession and past life regression.

Currently television shows present an entertainment based approach to paranormal phenomena. With our television experience we aimed to challenge this issue by highlighting the need for credible scientific methodology to be employed in the parnormal field. The majority of paranormal investigative groups primarily focus on site visits to allegedly haunted locations, were they employ poorly defined field research methods coupled with a lack of pilot research regarding possible rational explanations for alleged phenomena. Such rational explanations include environmental and psychological influences, which are often overlooked. Poor knowledge of field equipment and lack of adequate scientific/research training methods by amateur groups has been responsible for academic scholars largely ignoring this field of investigation..

alt  PSI aims to address this issue by designing methodological approaches to research projects based on in-depth peer reviewed paranormal scientific literature and field studies.


Once such design to analyse EVP was devised by Tony Armstong as
part of the BBC series ‘Northern Ireland’s Greatest Haunts’ (2005) and
is known as the ITC (Instrumental transcommunication) experiment (more details on this can be found to the in the research section).


Presently we have a number of ongoing research projects to which we will seek to publish findings in relevant peer reviewed journals. As part of our commitment to validated research we engage in academic consultation on a regular basis with reference to methodological design and dissemination of findings.

alt  We currently have a number of ongoing research projects, however due to the nature of our work we do not release details, due to client confidentiality and the length of time it takes to properly set out experiment procedures and gain findings.

Our current research focus is on present EVP (This is the belief that the voices of the dead can be heard on electronic equipment).

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Large skepticism leads to large understanding. Small skepticism leads to small understanding. No skepticism leads to no understanding.

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